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Is a "Diplom" degree from a German "Fachhochschule" accepted as a "real" degree?
Is a "Diplom" degree from a German "Fachhochschule" accepted as a "real" degree?!

Answer from Cambridge:

The Cambridge MBA will accept a degree from a Fachhochschule provided that the student has good marks and it is also backed up with a good score on the GMAT test

Best regards

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Luisa Marrone
MBA Marketing Assistant
Judge Institute of Management
University of Cambridge

Answer from London Business School:

Yes, we look at all academic backgrounds.
I recently led a focus group with our German students and discussed the comparability of Fachhochschule Diploms with opther qualifications.
For basic admissions criteria, including work experience requirements, please go to: www.london.edu/mba

David Simpson
Senior Manager, MBA Marketing & Admissions

Answer from Cranfield

In the UK the Fachhochschuldiplom is regarded as comparable to British Bachelor degree standard, and may be considered for postgraduate study where an overall mark of Gut has been achieved.
Maureen Williams
MBA Marketing Manager
Email: maureen.williams@cranfield.ac.uk

Answer from Said Business School

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the Diploma that you have specified but can confirm that it would be very unusual for an MBA candidate to be admitted to the programme without an academic undergraduate degree.
However, this requirement is not without exceptions and if you felt that your qualifications were appropriate equivalents, we would be very happy to consider your application

Best wishes,

Rachel Nickerson
Admissions Manager
Said Business School

Answer from Ashridge

Thank you for your enquiry.
Yes, we will assess this qualification alongside our other entry criteria. We are equally interested in experience which adds to the rich mix of our small class size. Please contact us again if you would like to receive further information

Doris Boyle
MBA Admissions : Ashridge

Answer from Warwick Business School

We ask international students to provide a transcript of their qualifications if they have studied outside the UK. This way, our programme selectors can discern if the candidate's qualification meets our requirements

Kind regards

Catherine Gordon
Assistant Manager, MBA Marketing & Recruitment
Warwick Business School

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