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I got three specific questions for you as I strive to "recharge my knowledge batteries" (Fiat lux!) with a MBA program.

I got three specific questions for you as I strive to "recharge my knowledge batteries" (Fiat lux!) with a MBA program:

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1.) Required qualifications:
I am often told, that to apply for one of the really challenging MBA programs it requires at least a german "Diplom", which is the more academic centered university degree in Germany. As I was earlier preparing to take over the familiy business (now with my brother), I preferred to study at 2 Universities of Applied Sciences and finished with the degree of a "Diplom-Kaufmann (FH)" as one of the top 10% in class (majors in Marketing, Computer Science and General Management).

A summer session at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business with students from the "normal" german universities proved to me, that I could academically as good as them and as students from other countries in the MBA curriculum.

Currently I am working as an Account Manager in the automotive supply industry for a global operating customer and have further background of 3 years experience in consulting and the automotive industry. Further qualifying could be my international activities, 3 spoken foreign languages, a successfully founded business during my studies and being engaged in social activities (Amnesty International).

Given this level of information, would you categorically say, that I do not have the appropriate degree/experience to apply with a Diplom (FH)? What is your experience here?

2.) I am looking for a program where I can focus on technology management and entrepreneurial capabilities. Can you offer this?

3.) I own a Cambridge Certificate for International Business and Trade (CEIBT), which I passed with distinction in 2002. My daily work is in english or spanish language. Is that sufficient to prove english language capabilities? Do I need to prove TOEFL nevertheless?

I appreciate your responses and look forward to find out more about your program.

Markus G. Bußmann

Answer from Warwick Business School:

Dear Markus

For the Warwick MBA, we would need to see an official transcript of your university courses to ensure that they met our requirements. You can obtain this from the academic institutions at which you studied.

For our Full-time programme, all candidates must have a minimum of three years' post-graduation experience. For the Distance Learning programme, we expect candidates to have four years' experience.

We cannot give you a definitive answer without seeing your application in its entirety, so we would encourage you to apply to enable us to review your application as a whole.

In terms of your own focus, the Warwick MBA is a general management degree but you have the opportunity to choose from a number of electives that will enable you to further develop your knowledge, skills and understanding of a particular area.

In terms of your English, you must satisfy our selectors of your language ability. Competence in reading, speaking and writing in English is essential if you are to get the most from the Warwick MBA. We ask that you demonstrate competence in English by one of the following critera:

English is your first language You have graduated with a degree from an English-speaking university You have worked in an English-speaking environment for at least two years You have taken a recognised English language test (i.e. TOEFL, IELTS, WELT)

Please contact us at any time if you require further assistance. You can find out more by visiting our website at www.wbs.ac.uk from where you can also apply online.

Good luck with your future studies.

Kind regards
Assistant Manager - MBA Marketing & Recruitment
Warwick Business School

Answer from Said Business School:

Dear Mr Bußmann

Thank you for your e-mail dated 25th July 2004.

1. Given your work and other experience, I would not say that a Diplom (FH) would prevent you from being considered for the MBA Programme. Although we state that successful applicants are likely to have a good first degree (2.1 UK or 3.5 GPA standard), these are guidelines as to the standard rather than absolute criteria. To gain a place on the Oxford MBA programme, the following are considered: intellectual ability, professional experience and management potential, team skills, international exposure and ability to contribute to the MBA experience. Even applicants without a degree may be considered if they have a very strong employment record demonstrating a high degree of responsibility. All candidates are required to take the GMAT test. Our 2002-2003 class average was 690. A high score does not guarantee a place, nor does a low score automatically disqualify your application. However, as several of the programme's core courses require a high level of quantitative and analytical skills we do look for evidence of these in GMAT results.

2. There is a breakdown of the structure of the MBA Programme on the SBS website, which may be of help to you in determining how the core courses and elective may suit your interests:


The Oxford MBA does have a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship, a key element of which is the New Business Development Project taken in the second term, which allows teams of students to get first-hand experience of new venture formation. The NBD project integrates the major themes developed in the core teaching elements of the MBA programme in the first term (see above link for details). Students work upon a business idea conceived within the team or upon a business idea in conjunction with an outside party, such as local companies or entrepreneurs. Recent business ideas generated by students include a mining royalty company, an eco-friendly retail concept, an internet proxy-server business, and a mortgage-processing venture. Externally-derived projects to date have involved working with scientists, entrepreneurs and young start-ups in a variety of different areas: fuel cells, biotechnology, renewable energy, photography, software and the internet, to name a few. Project sponsors have worked in Universities, in start-ups, at home or in existing companies.

3. Although your experience and qualifications suggest that you have a good command of English as a non-native speaker, we do ask that all candidates for whom English is not their first language take either the IELTS or TOEFL.

I hope I have answered your questions. Please contact me if I can be of any further assistance.

Best wishes
MBA Admissions Coordinator
Said Business School

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