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Is there a possibility of taking a MBA via distance learning?
Dear Sirs,is there a possibility of taking a MBA via distance learning?

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Michael Horn
Answer from London:Thank you for your message.
We do not offer distance learning.
Thank you
David Simpson
Answer from Warwick:Dear MichaelThe Warwick MBA is available by distance learning. It offers you the maximum flexibility of being able to work at your own pace from anywhere in the world, whilst still being awarded one of the world's highest ranked MBAs.For information about the Warwick MBA, please visit www.wbs.ac.uk.Kind regards
Rachel Killian
Warwick MBA Marketing & Recruitment Manager
Answer from Cambridge:Thank you for your email, I am afraid that we do not currently offer a distance version of the programme.LouiseAnswer from Cranfield:Dear MichaelWe do not offer a distance learning MBA at Cranfield. This is because of the emphasis we place on the personal development that take place during the learning process, including team and leadership skills.We do offer a two-year modular programme, but this involves residential periods at Cranfield. The structure is under review at the moment, and it is likely that there will be 6 modules of 8 days each year, with the remainder of the programme being completed via the Internet.Maureen WilliamsAnswer from Oxford:Dear MichaelThank you for your enquiry. We do not have a distance-learning mba but we do offer an executive mba, over 21 months. Please see full details on our website, www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/emba and contact emba-enquiries@sbs.ox.ac.uk for more information.Best wishes

Answer from Ashridge:Sorry Michael - not at Ashridge, but we do offer a part time programme.

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