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I am seriously considering a full-time MBA. I am looking into UK schools rather than their US counterparts as they are said to have more of an international focus, one of my main criteria. What courses in international business do you offer? Do you offer any international internships or consultancy assignments as part of the curriculum?
Dear Sir,I am seriously considering a full-time MBA. I am looking into UK schools rather than their US counterparts as they are said to have more of an international focus, one of my main criteria. What courses in international business do you offer? Do you offer any international internships or consultancy assignments as part of the curriculum?

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Thank you,
Ocan Safak
Answer from Cranfield:Dear OcanThe whole focus of most European MBA programmes is international. International case studies are used in most core courses offered on a good MBA programme and we prepare our students to manage in a global environment. In addition, the student body is much more international than those in the US, (eg 65% at Cranfield) and the approach to learning, involving working in learning teams and the sharing of experience and skills, makes the whole experience more international.Some of the elective courses have an even more international focus. Currently we are offering (among other courses):
International Corporate Finance
Business Environment in the Far East
Economic Perspectives on Globalisation
The Implications of European Integration
European HRM
Global Leadership
International Marketing
Global Operation Strategies
Because ours is a one-year programme, there is no time for an internship, but many of our students carry out an international consultancy project during the second half of the programme. We also have exchange programmes with business schools in France, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Singapore and China.Maureen Williams
Senior Marketing Executive
Answer from Cambridge:I am seriously considering a full-time MBA. I am looking into UK schools rather than their US counterparts as they are said to have more of an international focus, one of my main criteria.What courses in international business do you offer?LF: All of our courses have an international focus in that none of our courses focusses only on business in Europe or Britian. Lecturers cases and students are taken from all over the world. In this way all subjects are covered in a global fashion.Do you offer any international internships or consultancy assignments as part of the curriculum?LF: The second consulting project may be taken any where in the world. Last year we had projects in the US, China, France, South Africa, Kenya etc.

I hope you find this useful
Answer from Warwick:Dear OcanThank you for your enquiry. We are proud of our international focus at Warwick - our full-time class includes around 30 different nationalities each year, each bringing a different perspective to the classroom. Whilst all of our modules include global perspectives and case studies, the specific modules we offer with an international focus include Challenges for International Management, International Business, International Economic Policy Environment, International Marketing. In addition, we have a number of modules with a European flavour, offered in conjunction with our partner in Germany, Mannheim University. These include Business & Corporate Taxation in Europe, European Business, Economics of European Integration and Monetary Union and finally, EU Law.In addition to these modules, all students have the opportunity to apply for an exchange programme. We are one of just 2 UK business schools to be a member of PIM, an international exchange agreement. This means we have active agreements with over 35 different business schools from all over the globe.Finally, your project & dissertation - which forms the final 3 months of your programme - is undertaken with a company of your choice. You are welcome - and encouraged - to work with an international organisation on this project.I hope that this answers your questions. Please visit www.wbs.ac.uk for more information.Kind regards
Rachel Killian
Warwick MBA Marketing & Recruitment Manager
Answer from Ashridge:Dear OcanThank you for expressing an interest in Ashridge. Ashridge recruits a high percentage of international participants to its MBA Programme. UK nationals must also have international experience. All learning materials (case studies, etc) will have an international focus and candidates are also working on live consultancy projects and assignments many of which are conducted internationally.Our international module is currently run with the University of Stellenbosh in South Africa.Hope this helps.Answer from London Business School:Dear Ocan,Evrything about the London Business School MBA is global.
Please see www.london.edu/mba for full details.
Our student body is extrememly international, with students from around 90 countries attending our programmes. There are various internships, projects and field tips that can be taken internationally.Thank you
David Simpson
Senior Manager, MBA Marketing & Admissions
Answer from University of Oxford :Dear Mr. Safak,Thank you for your enquiry. I am pleased to give full details of the Oxford MBA Programme including our requirements. With regard to internships, you are very welcome to contact our Projects Manager, Dee Broquard at dee.broquard@sbs.ox.ac.uk, and she will help answer any questions you may have.To obtain the most complete and up to date information on the Oxford MBA programme and application procedures, please refer to our website at www.sbs.ox.ac.uk. I can confirm that the 2004-2005 admissions will be structured in stages and we will process complete applications received on one of the following two remaining deadlines: 19 March 2004 and 28 May 2004.Please confirm if you wish to receive an MBA application and brochure pack and we will forward this to you as soon as possible.Should you wish to apply, I have attached a Word copy of the application form which can be completed and returned to us by post or email. However, we would strongly advise you to apply online from the Embark website, www.embark.com, using the link https://apply.embark.com/MBAEdge/Oxford/24/The Oxford MBA is a one year, full-time, very intensive and challenging course, which starts in October of each year. The Oxford MBA is a general management course with a strong entrepreneurial and financial side. We do not offer specialisation in any subject, but students study a number of electives in the third term of the programme. The Oxford MBA is a very young programme it does not have any association with other Universities in the UK or around the world, and therefore we do not accept or offer any programme transfers or joint courses.The Said Business School does not offer any distance learning or joint MBA courses. There is, however, a new Executive MBA course and the first students began their studies in January 2004. Please refer to the website www.sbs.ox.ac.uk for further details.For information on other postgraduate courses offered by the University of Oxford, please, contact the Graduate Admissions at: graduate.admissions@admin.ox.ac.ukI can confirm that the tuition fee for the 2004-2005 Oxford MBA programme will be £23,000 sterling and the college membership fee will be approximately £2,700. The application processing fee to be sent with the application will be £120 sterling.For scholarships and financial assistance, please refer to our website using the link http://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/html/mba_financial_aid.asp. Among the sources of funding available, please note that we have two new scholarships detailed on our website: the Skoll and Naomi Molson Scholarships.The entry requirements for the University of Oxford MBA programme are as follows:- a good undergraduate degree or equivalent. Applicants who do not hold such a qualification may be considered if they have a very strong employment record demonstrating a high degree of responsibility.- for non-native English speakers, proven proficiency through the International English Language Test Scheme (IELTS) or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).- all candidates are required to take the GMAT test (this is a mandatory requirement for all applicants regardless of their academic or professional background). A high score does not guarantee a place, nor does a low score automatically disqualify an application. For your information, the average GMAT of our current students is 685. For more information on how to arrange to take the GMAT test, please refer to the following website: www.gmac.com- two references to be submitted on the reference forms or online through Embark.- written work for assessment as outlined in the guidance notes and on the application form.- details of work experience (most of our students have three years' work experience or more; we do consider those with less work experience who are able to demonstrate a high level of maturity, combined with evidence of leadership ability)- three passport size photographs- official copy of degree transcripts and certificates- application processing feeIf you feel you meet the above entry requirements, we would be delighted to receive an application from you. Please note that we are unable to give further indication with regards to your suitability for entry to the Oxford MBA without receiving a completed application.I hope this information is of assistance to you.Yours sincerely
Ginny Madeley
MBA Admissions Assistant
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