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I want to know if my Bachelor degree meets your formal requirements for a MBA-Program.
Dear Sir or Madam, Currently I am a student at University of Cooperate Education (Berufsakademie) in Germany. I will graduate next summer with a "Berufsakademie-Degree" and with a "Bachelor of Arts with Honors" from London Open University. After graduating I planed to attend a German University for further studies. But my employer offered me a 3-year contract for a job in Hong Kong. So I'm looking for possibilities to improve my career oportunities afer working in Hong Kong. That's why I'm thinking of attending a MBA-Program afterwards. Therefore I want to know if my Bachelor degree meets your formal requirements for a MBA-Program. Thank you for your help in advance.

Kind regards,

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Martin Krumbein

Answer from Warwick Business School

Dear Martin

Thanks for your enquiry and your interest in the Warwick MBA. From the details I have got, your bachelor degree should meet our requirements. We look forward to receiving an application from you once you have a minimum of 3 years work experience (4 years for our part-time variants). For more information, please visit www.wbs.ac.uk.

Rachel Killian
MBA Marketing & Recruitment Manager

Answer from Manchester Business School

Hi there

Thanks for your interest in our MBA programme. The two key features of our Full time MBA are the international nature of the programme and the style of learning - the Manchester Method - which encourages students to apply the theory to real managerial situations through a series of live projects. These projects increase in size and complexity as students travel through the programme, culminating in the International Business Project, a compulsory consulancy project involving international travel.
As well as the different projects there is the option to do an internship with an international organisation for a period of up to 12 weeks and also the possibility of going on Exchange. We have one of the largest Exchange Programmes in the world with over 50 partner schools worldwide.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

Kind regards

Kate Bradley
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