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Will you accept my studies that I have finished with a diploma from my business school, but without a bachelor?
Dear Sirs,I have finished my studies in marketing-Communications at a german business school, but I don`t have a bachelor degree. Before my studies I worked as a freelancer for different companies in the eventmarketing for about 5 years. After then I started my studies. After my studies that I have finished in 2002 I started working as an enterpreneur in marketing-consulting.

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1. Do I have enough relevant work experience to start my MBA at your faculty?2. Will you accept my studies that I have finished with a diploma from my business school, but without a bachelor?Jermaine Johnson
Answer from Said Business School:Hi,Thank you for your e-mail. Your studies and work experience would certainly not preclude you from applying for the Oxford MBA. However, we would need to see your complete application in order to consider it properly. May I suggest that you visit our website www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/mba for further information on the MBA and the student profile.Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.Best wishes
Alison Owen
Answer from Cranfield:Dear JermaineI would need to know exactly what diploma you have before I could tell you whether you have sufficient work experience for the Cranfield MBA programme.Maureen Williams (Mrs)
Senior Marketing Executive
Answer from London Business School:Dear Jermaine,Thank you for your message. We have occassionally taken students without a degree, but we expect more work experience and a good GMAT. Your experience of 5 years sounds fine. Of course it is hard to judge without a full application.Best regards
David Simspon
Answer from Warwick:Dear JermaineAre you interested in studying the MBA by full-time or part-time study? If it is the former, then you are required to take GMAT, but are not necessarily expected to have a bachelor degree. We need to see evidence of academic ability, and the GMAT and your previous studies may be sufficient for this. If you are looking to study for the MBA on a part-time basis, where the GMAT is not normally required, the Programme Selectors may ask you to take the GMAT, so that they can assess your academic ability.I hope that this answers your questions. Please visit www.wbs.ac.uk for more information.Regards
Rachel Killian
MBA Marketing and Recruitment Manager
Answer from Cambridge:Thank you for your email,Yours is an interesting case and to give you a general response, yes, we have taken people into our programme who havenŽt completed a degree.As for the specifics, it is hard to say without a full application but we would certainly not discourage you from applying.What will assist your application is this..... good grades , a great GMAT and evidence that you have been able to critically reflect on your work experience.I hope that helps.
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