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Is it necessary to study a MBA full-time? And why do many prestigious Business School don¡¯t offer a distance MBA? Is it because the quality of a distance MBA is not comparable to a full-time on?
Hello,I really appreciate the possibility to post my requests to a handful prestigious University in the UK. 1. As the MBA is also becoming more and more popular in Germany, it has become feasible to invest in an expensive MBA. However, German student are quite old when graduating, and therefore I also wouldn¡¯t like to interrupt my career. So, is it necessary to study a MBA full-time? And why do many prestigious Business School don¡¯t offer a distance MBA? Is it because the quality of a distance MBA is not comparable to a full-time on?

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Many thanks,
Answer from Cambridge University:Thank you for your question. Of course I can only answer this question from the point of view of our programme.1. We only offer a full time programme.2. We understand that Germans have long academic careers and that therefore they often consider part time programmes.3. However we are seeing increasing numbers each year of Germans into our full time programme.4. We HAVE considered delivering an onlne programme and worked on it for quite some time, HOWEVER, we decided in the end we were not happy with the product and did not go ahead with it. We are not anti parttime or distance , just have not yet found the right model.5. We offer a full time 12 month programme. It is intensive and therefore you can be back in the workforce in 12 months time. We find that students love the intensity, they work hard ( and play hard) with colleagues from all over the world. In Cambridge , everyone lives within 15 mins cycle of everyone else and the Judge Institute , making for an intense social experience as well. Our students enjoy the time they are able to devote to the programme and their further development by spending one year doing nothing else with no other distractions.However in the end you have to do what suits you best.Do let me know if we can help you with the full time option, alternatively, good luck finding the programme that suits you.LouiseAnswer from London Business School:Charly,We do not offer a distance learning MBA as so much of the benefit of our course comes from learning from and with the other students.We do have a part time MBA - studied in London on alternate weekends. www.london.edu/embaThank youAnswer from Manchester Business School:Hi CharlyThanks for your email. we do offer two Distance Learning MBA's, one for Engineering Managers and the other for Finance Managers and Finance specialists. These programmes are offered by our Manchester Business School worldwide branch. For more information please e-mail them direct, abs405@bangor.ac.ukKind regards
Kate Bradley
Answer from Said Business School:Dear CharlyThank you for your email and your interest in the MBA programmes on offer at the University of Oxford. I am delighted to be able to confirm that the University of Oxford Said Business School offer 2 MBA qualifications - a full time MBA programme and a modular Executive MBA programme.The Oxford EMBA is a modular programme designed for high achievers marked out by their companies for advancement. The programme is designed as 14 week long modules conducted across a 21 month period and adapts the core and elective and project structure of our established MBA programme to work more closely with participants and their sponsoring companies. As all participants for the EMBA programme remain in employment whilst undertaking their study the question of work permits is not an issue for the EMBA Office.Participants attend intensive week long sessions in Oxford, and then return to their employment whilst continuing learning activities and research using the purpose built e-learning platform. The premise of the programme is to integrate and implement learning and strategy in the work place and so it is core to the programme for individuals and their companies to work together on project design fro mutual benefit.The basic and typical profile of an EMBA candidate is:- good undergraduate degree
- strong GMAT result
- 5+ years work experience and now employed in a managerial role
- strong TOEFL/IELTS for non-native English speakers
- 2 references
- written work as outlined in our application
- company commitment to attendance time and project work
The Oxford EMBA is a programme designed to essentially develop general management competence - a crucial element of successful business in today's environment. However, rather than imposing a rigidity of course structure on this key theme, we have developed in this programme an in-build flexibility which will allow each individual to tailor their study to their own career aspirations as well as company expectations. It allows organisations to retain key employees by showing a commitment to their career and personal development, whilst also gaining expertise in management skills.Through electives and major project work, each individual's course of study can be engineered to suit specific needs. The 2 major projects of the programme are undertaken by individuals for the development of not only their own skills and experience, but also for the furthering of their company's interests - an undertaking which would usually be outsourced to expensive consultancy firms for the same result.We believe the value of the Oxford EMBA programme will be self evident from the first module. Our programme, designed to be an applicable and relevant course of study for the business professional, will enable the individual to return to the work place with a renewed ability to assess and analyse decision making practices and operations with a general management 'joined up' focus. Each module and assignment, as well as the major projects, will provide tools, skills and concepts to assist the individual in making lasting contributions to the organisation.But apart from immediate benefits, the Oxford EMBA is a programme which will continue to provide benefits long after its completion as a course of study. Through this programme, individuals will gain networking opportunities which are unique. Each individual will gain access to their own class of EMBAs, as well as future and past classes of EMBAs, MBAs, members of the Oxford Business Alumni, and the highly exclusive network of the University of Oxford colleges.I do hope this information will be of assistance to you in considering the programme. Looking forward to hearing from you.Ellen Love
EMBA Manager
Answer from Warwick Business School:Dear CharlyMany managers are now choosing to study for their MBA on a part-time basis. It allows them to continue working whilst studying, and gives them the opportunity to immediately apply their learning to the work place.The Warwick MBA is available in four different ways - full-time, modular (approx 6 week-long modules at Warwick each year), evening (for local students) or distance learning. The three part-time variants take approximately 3 years to complete.Warwick is fairly unusual in offering the MBA by distance learning - especially as we don't use another provider, but all the study materials are our own and the programme is delivered direct from Warwick. We have original study materials, many authored by our own faculty and offer unparalleled support for our students.In the past, distance learning has been seen as a lesser programme. However, attitudes have changed considerably over the last few years, and we certainly believe that a distance learning MBA is as challenging - if not more so - than any other mode of study. Certainly, students have to be more self-motivated and better at time management than other students.My advice would be to look for an accredited distance learning MBA at a reputable school. The programme should then be equivalent in quality and reputation - and with the great advantage of flexibility that distance learning study offers.Please visit www.wbs.ac.uk if you would like to find out more about the Warwick MBA by distance learning, and good luck with your search.RegardsAnswer from Cranfield:Dear CharlyA number of the top business schools offer part-time or modular options. At Cranfield the two-year part-time option involves attendance at Cranfield for 16 weekends (all day Friday and Saturday) and four residential weeks each year. The modular option is particualrly attractive for managers based outside the UK: participants come to Cranfield for 4 two-week modules each year for two years. This option involves more individual learning between modules which is supported by internet discussions with faculty and fellow students. Both options start in January and it is posible to switch from one to the other at the end of the first year.We do not offer a distance learning option because we believe that much of the learning on the MBA, particularly with regard to team and leadership skills, takes place within the learning teams and the interactive lecture sessions. This is an important feature of the programme - to be an effective manager you need to be able to persuade and influence others to adopt the business strategy you are proposing. Knowing the theory is one thing. Implementing it is quite another.Maureen Williams
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