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I have a question concerning working experience. Is part-time working experience that I did while I was studying satisfactory for an application?
Dear Sirs,I have a question concerning working experience: I am from Germany, 27 years old, finished my Masters degree in Sociology in Munich last year (good grades) and will pass my small diploma ("Vordiplom") in Business Administration at a distant university in autumn of this year.

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I also worked part-time (about 20 hours per week) for the german telecommunication company "Deutsche Telekom AG" for about four years while I was studying and I think I did achieve relevant working experience in the fields of HR and Quality Management.I also worked part-time for about two month for the Siemens AG. Last not least I was paramedic in my civil service for about 2 years and thus have working experience in the medical field.Is this kind of working experience satisfactory for an application? Thank You very much for Your support.Best regards, Peter Fuertsch
Answer from Cranfield school of management:Dear Peter,The Admissions Director may consider that you have sufficient work experience for the Cranfield MBA, but would need more details. Can I suggest that you complete our online pre-application assessment form on our website? You will be asked for basic information including exact dates, and in what capacitiy you worked. You do not have to complete any essays and there is no fee. You just press 'submit' and our admissions team will look at your form and respond to you by email, normally within 24 hours. If the answer is favourable you can then go on to complete the full application form. You will find both the pre-application assessment form and the application form at www.som.cranfield.ac.uk/som/mba/admissions/apply.aspMaureen Williams,
Senior Marketing Executive
Answer from Judge Institute of Management, University of Cambridge:Thank you very much for your email.You sound like you have had very many interesting experiences!Unfortunately we do require you to have at least 2 year's full time work experience after your graduation from university. We understand that Germans study for a long time and often undertake work practice while they study however we still require at least two years full time post graduation.Regards
Louise Freckelton,
MBA Marketing Manager
Answer from Said Business School, University of Oxford:Dear PeterThank you for your e-mail. Work undertaken while studying is not normally considered as relevant work experience. The reason for this is that work experience should illustrate progression, and management experience - which is not usually the case with part-time, or vacation work. However, your case might be different as you worked for Deutsche Telekom AG for four years. It is difficult to say more without seeing your application. I hope this helps a little. Please contact me if you have any further queries. alison.owen@said-business-school.oxford.ac.ukBest wishes
Alison Owen, MBA Planning and Admissions Manager
Answer from Manchester Business School:Hi PeterThanks for your email. Unfortunately we can only accept work experience achieved after your degree. We would require a minimum of two years postgraduate experience.Kind regards
Kate Bradley
Answer from Warwick Business School:Dear Peter FuertschThank you for enquiring about the Warwick MBA. We normally require candidates to have a minimum of 3 years full-time, post-graduate managerial work experience. Although the part-time work undertaken whilst studying will have given you a good introduction to management, this is not normally acceptable as relevant work experience.However, we accept people with very different types of work experience, including medical backgrounds.There is therefore no straight answer to your query - whilst we would welcome an application from you (for entry 2004), when you have gained another years' managerial work experience, I cannot make any guarantees. Our Selection Committee will want you to prove that your medical experience will help you contribute to the MBA programme and ensure that you gain as much as possible from the programme. Maximum benefit can only be gained when you have sufficient relevant work experience.I'm sorry that I cannot be more definite. We would need to see a completed application from you in order to assess your suitability more fully.Regards
Rachel Killian
MBA Marketing and Recruitment Manager
Answer from London Business School:Peter,We would be very interested to see an application from you.
It is difficult to see exactly how competitive your work experience is until we see a full application and resume.
I look forward to see an application.Best regards
David Simpson
Senior Manager, MBA Marketing & Admissions
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