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I feel confident that I will succeed on an MBA, and do not want to have to go through the GMAT. Will your business school consider me on the basis of my 2 year Diploma and my experience?
I am 30 years old, have six years of experience in a German multinational firm managing projects in the telecoms industry and would like to do an MBA. I have done a two year state recognised Diploma in Ireland in industrial engineering with a small project management component (about 20% of the course). A third year would have awarded me a BSc. I feel confident that I will succeed on an MBA, and do not want to have to go through the GMAT. Will your business school consider me on the basis of my 2 year Diploma and my experience?

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Keith Jones
Answer from Said Business School, University of Oxford:Dear KeithThank you for your e-mail. I am sorry, we cannot consider your application with a GMAT score. I believe all Business Schools require the GMAT. Good luck.Best wishes
Answer from Manchester Business School:Thanks for your email.GMAT is a compulsory requirement for all applicats to our programme and unfortunately we wouldn't be able to offer any one a place without this.Kind regards
Kate Bradley
Answer from Judge Institute of Management, University of Cambridge:Thank you for your email. We have accepted people on to the course who do not have formal Bachelor's degrees BUT they need to have completed a GMAT and show through the GMAT and other infoirmation that they have the intellectual ability to complete our MBA programme. In other words we COULD consider an application from you BUT it must be accompanied by a GMAT score.Regards
Answer from Cranfield:Hi KeithI'm afraid that you will have to take GMAT to get into Cranfield. We do have our own admission tests that can be taken as an alternative to GMAT on the interview days here at Cranfield. However, as you have not completed your degree, you must have a good GMAT score of 600 or more before we will consider you for the programme. All applicants have to take either GMAT or the Cranfield Tests, whatever their academic qualifications and work experience. We strongly recommend that applicants for the full-time MBA take GMAT, as a few of the top recruiters are beginning to use the GMAT score as part of their assessment process.Answer from Ashridge Business School:Hello KeithThank you for expressing an interest in Ashridge. On the basis of what you advise in your email, we will be pleased to consider you for entry to our MBA Programme. Candidates for the Ashridge programme do not need to take the GMAT - we have our own, more relevant, entry programme which consists of a 35 minute numerical test and a 25 minute verbal critical reasoning test.Ours is a very practical approach to learning - participants in the Ashridge MBA are working with an organisation, either their own or a host company, on live assignments and consultancy, thus delivering tangible benefits to the organisation. We consider a candidate's experience alongside other entry criteria - in a small class size (maximum 35) we are looking for candidates who can add to the rich mix in the classroom.We will be pleased to welcome you to Ashridge for further, in depth, discussion, and if you would like to supply your mailing address we will send you all the relevant materials.Please do not hesitate to contact me or my colleague, Jane Tobin, who has now taken over the MBA Admissions Manager role.Best wishes
Doris Boyle
Answer from London Business School:Dear Keith,Thank you for your message and interest in our MBA Programme.We require all candidates to take GMAT and there are no exceptions. Almost all our students come in with an undergraduate degree, plus many with postgraduate masters or professional qualifications.All candidates must have at least 2-3 years experience after their degree (or diploma) and the average is 5-6 years.Please see our website for more info: www.london.edu/mbaThank you
David Simpson
Senior Manager, MBA Marketing & Admissions
Answer from Warwick Business School:Dear KeithThank you for your enquiry about the Warwick MBA.I am not clear whether you are hoping to study full-time or part-time for your MBA. We have slightly different admissions criteria for each, so the requirement for GMAT will depend on how you want to study.If you are hoping to study full-time, I am afraid that there is no waiver for the GMAT. It is an essential part of your application package and is required.However, if you are hoping to study part-time (either on an executive or distance learning basis), then the GMAT is not compulsory. However, once our Selection Committee has reviewed your application, and seen transcripts of your diploma studies, it is possible that they may decide that they would like you to take GMAT, to be reassured of your academic ability.Without more details of your academic background, I can't be any more certain. If you are still interested in the MBA (part-time), I would recommend that you apply and await a decision from the Committee. If they do ask for the GMAT, you are obviously under no obligation to do so.I hope that this helps. Please visit www.wbs.ac.uk or contact us on warwickmba@wbs.ac.uk if you would like more information.Regards
Rachel Killian
MBA Marketing and Recruitment Manager
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