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Dear sirs, I have 10 years of work experience (leading position for 3 years) but I don`t have any diploma. Is it possible to make a part time MBA at your school?
Dear sirs,
I have 10 years of work experience (leading position for 3 years) but I don`t have any diploma. Is it possible to make a part time MBA at your school?

Answer from Ashridge:

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Thank you for expressing an interest in our MBA Programme. We take a very practical approach to learning at Ashridge and, when considering applicants for entry to our MBA Programme, work experience is high on our list of entry criteria. Yes, we will be pleased to consider you for entry to either of our Programme options provided you can demonstrate that you can undergo the academic rigour of the Programme.

Please contact us again if you would like to discuss further.
Best wishes Doris Boyle

Answer from Judge Institute of Management, University of Cambridge:

Yes it is, we have on rare occassions admitted people without degrees. What I must say here is that everything else about you must be outstanding including your GMAT score.


Answer from London Business School:

We do have a part time MBA - the Executive MBA. Please seee the following pages for details: www.london.edu/emba

Thank you

Answer from Manchester Business School:

Yes, it is possible. If you are over 27 years of age it is not necessary for you to have a degree and we will focus on your work experience instead. If you would like me to send you a brochure and application pack please send me your address details.

Kind Regards
Kate Bradley

Answer from Warwick Business School:

Dear Enquirer

Thank you for your enquiry about the Warwick MBA. Your work experience makes you an ideal candidate for the MBA, but we would want to see some evidence of previous academic achievement. If you don't have a degree or equivalent, then you would probably be asked to take a GMAT as part of your application.

If you would like more information, please e-mail us on warwickmba@wbs.ac.uk or visit http:\\www.wbs.ac.uk.

Thank you again for your enquiry.

Best wishes
Rachel Killian

Answer from Cranfield:

Thank you for your enquiry. We do have a few people on our programmes who do not have a degree or diploma. With ten years' experience we might well consider you, although it would depend on the quality of the work experience. You would also need to achieve a GMAT score of 600 or more.

Maureen Williams

Answer from Said Business School:

Dear Sir,

My apologies in taking time to reply to you. For the Executive MBA candidate, we are ideally looking for a good undergraduate degree, a good GMAT (the average is 690) A good TOEFL score for non English speakers and 5-8 years management experience.

However, over and above this, we review the application on a collective and individual basis to determine whether you will be a suitable class participant. So, you will still be considered without an undergraduate degree if your GMAT and TOEFL scores are high and your working experience is of a very high standard. International based experience at managerial level is preferred.

We will be holding a presentation about the EMBA at the Hilton Frankfurt Hotel on Tuesday 11 March at 6.30pm. If you can attend you will be able to discuss your background with course and admissions staff who will be able to guide you further.

I hope this helps answer your question.

Kind regards,
Elaine Sharp

Answer from Open University Business School:

It is possible to study towards the MBA without a previous academic qualification. You would need to complete the Diploma in Management as your first step. This can then lead to the MBA as a next step on successful completion. The Diploma in Management is effectively part 1 of the MBA.

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