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I graduated in industrial engineering and worked for 3 years as IT-consultant. With 29 years I'm seeking to prepare for a international management job. What benefits do I gain with joining your MBA programme?
Dear Madam/Sir,

I graduated in industrial engineering and worked for 3 years as IT-consultant. With 29 years I'm seeking to prepare for a international management job. What benefits do I gain with joining your MBA programme?

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Answer from Said Business School:

Thank you for your e-mail. I believe your best course of action would be to research a number of MBA programmes to ascertain which best suits your needs. At that time, I would be pleased to discuss the Oxford MBA with you further. In the meantime, please visit www.sbs.ox.ac.uk mba.

Best wishes
Alison Owen

Answer from Cambridge:

Thank you for your email. It sounds like you have some excellent experience already. Without more detail it is hard to say what you will get.

However, engineering is a common first degree of MBA students. Most get to a stage in their career where they need general management training to enhance their functional capabilities as an engineer.

A general management MBA will provide you with expertise in Finance and Accounting, Strategy, Marketing, Organisational behaviour and other strengths to suppliment your current knowledge and experience. You would get to make connections with others on the programme expanding your network. You would have a chance to reflect on your experience, gain new skills and learn from the other students on the programme and go back into the work force with a whole package of new tools.

Without selling our programme speciifically this is what you would get.

Good Luck in your decision.

Answer from Warwick:

Dear Sir

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Warwick MBA. The benefits to you are:

Flexibility - you can choose the delivery mode most suited to your personal circumstances and preferences. This may be full-time or part-time, face-to-face or at a distance, by daytime or evening study during term-time, or in intensive five-day blocks spaced throughout the year. Should your personal circumstance change, we would always do our best to help you to transfer from one variant to another.

International experience - Not only will you benefit from contact with students from across the world on your MBA, but you can also take modules that specialise in international business (for example, International Business, European Business, European Banking and Finance, International Marketing). Your project and dissertation can also be based around a subject of your choice. Finally, if you study full-time, you will also have an opportunity to study abroad for a period of up to three months as part of our International Exchange Programme.

Reputation - we are proud that many of our applicants cite "personal" or "company recommendation" as a major determinant of their selection. In addition, media references consistently cite Warwick as amongst the leading European-based business schools with an even wider international reputation. WBS is the first UK business school to gain accreditation by all three premier international management education bodies. This good reputation reflects not only on us, but our students and alumni.

Work in an excellent location - teaching facilities at WBS are purpose-designed and built and enjoyed by all MBA students at some point, even distance learning students when they attend Warwick-based seminars. The campus is also aesthetically pleasing with high-quality accommodation (see www.warwick.ac.uk for more information on the campus).

Outstanding peer group - we place great importance to the management skills and business experience you have already acquired. Your peers will have worked for between four and twelve years and you will be able to share experiences and discuss real issues with all those with whom you come into contact on the programme - in itself, one of the most valuable learning opportunities of the Warwick MBA.

I hope that this has given you a flavour of some of the benefits of a Warwick MBA. If you do not already have our brochures, then you are welcome to download these from www.wbs.ac.uk/contact/brochures_mba.cfm. You can also download an application pack from here if required.

Please do get in touch with me if I can help further.

Best wishes
Rachel Killian
MBA Marketing & Recruitment Manager

Answer from The Open University Business School:

This is a broad question, but here are some key points.
The OUBS MBA is a highly practice-oriented programme of study in management, combining theory with practical management training and development. So throughout the course you will draw heavily on your management experience and your current work. This means that the OUBS MBA is very relevant to what you are doing, and equips you with a powerful toolbox of skills and approaches to problem solving.

The OUBS MBA is modular, and has a number of electives you can choose from. A new project or job may mean you need to acquire specific management skills. The modularity of the MBA allows you to select 3 individual electives as a part of the MBA to meet your needs. The following courses can be done as modules of the MBA:
* Human Resource Strategy
* Financial Strategy
* Marketing in a Complex World
* Managing Knowledge
* Creativity, Innovation and Change
* The Management Research Project

The OUBS MBA has two top European accreditations, AMBA in the UK and EQUIS in Brussels. It is currently applying for AACSB in the USA, and so will soon be one of the few Business Schools to carry all three accreditations, making it well recognised around the globe as a top quality programme. Supported distance learning is the method of learning that we use. It is a uniquely flexible way of studying. It enables you to complete a programme of study while continuing to work full-time. You study independently and flexibly, while at the same time being part of a group of students who work together. Students meet at weekend seminars and have regular contact via e-mail and electronic conferencing.
A great advantage is its 'mobility'. If you travel a lot you take your study with you without missing important lectures. Likewise, if you have to move location to another region or country you continue your study without interruption.

I hope this helps define the key differences and benefits of doing the OUBS MBA.

Jessica Magill

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