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Financing the MBA is a big topic. How common is it that your students are being sponsored by a company?
Answer Warwick Business School

Dear enquirer

The following information will give you an idea as to how our Warwick MBA students fund their studies. You will see that the mode of study is an influencing factor on the pattern of funding

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Full-time study (12 months): 83% self-financed, 12% sponsored, 5% scholarship;

Modular and evening study (Executive MBA): around 90% employer-sponsored, 10% self-financed;

Distance learning study: around 50% employer-sponsored, but many others have other forms of support (eg Scholarships) or are part funded by employers

Regards, Diana
Asst. Comms. Manager

Answer Judge Institute (Cambridge University)

To be honest , very few students are currently funded by companies. This is especially so in a period of economic downturn. This situation does changes changes from time to time, severtal years ago company sponsorship was the norm. Still feel free to enquire with your employer if they are willing to fund you . They may be nervous to fund you as they may not be able to give yopu the job or wage that you want and can comand after completing an MBA

Most universities offer at least some kind of scholarships etc. you may like to check our website to see what we offer

www.jims.cam.ac.uk/programmes/mba/finance/finance_f.html Then click on scholarships

All the best in finding out how to fund your MBA


Answer Cranfield

On our current full-time MBA programme, 21 students (10% of the class) are sponsored by their employers. Of these sponsored students, 5 work for the British Civil Service.

On our part-time and modular MBA programmes, more than 80% of the students are sponsored, at least partially, by their employing organisation.

Maureen Williams
Senior Marketing Executive

Answer Open University Business School

At the Open University's Business School about 40% of the students have all their MBA course fees sponsored by their employer -this is much higher for the Certificate and Diploma. Many more get partial sponsoring or some financial aid from their employer. The majority of students get some support in the form of free time to study and access to resources. Very best wishes

Tony Anthoni
Masters Programme Manager

Ashridge Business School

We offer our MBA on a one year, full or a two year, part time basis. One hundred per cent of our one year candidates are self funded and in this case we place them in a host organisation - a company for which they will complete their in-company assignments and strategic consultancy during their MBA studies. Candidates will negotiate a consultancy fee with their host company and this currently averages £15 000 which goes a good way to offsetting programme costs.

In the case of our two year, part time, programme where candidates are carrying on with their present employment and doing their MBA at the same time, company sponsorship is 100%.

There are also low interest rate loans available for MBA study.
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