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I started but did not finish my university study (biology). Now, with 43 years of age, I want to make my MBA. I am Director/CFO of an international company. Does there exist any possibility to make the MBA beside my job ?
Answer Open University Business School:


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Your problem is quite common for senior managers as many are not able to take a year out of work. The Open University Business School's MBA is designed specifically with people like yourself in mind. You study at a distance with support from tutors through occasional tutorials, on-line support and via computer conferencing. You will be required to attend a number of residential schools during the programme which may be in the UK or Europe depending on the course. Exams in Germany are held in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Neuss and Stuttgart (this may be subject to student numbers locally). The ability to study and work at the same time is particularly beneficial as you can immediately relate the theories and models to your own work environment.

Your other problem is also common for today's entrepreneur/manager. Successful entrepreneurs are often not the most school/academic-oriented of people. Again the OUBS MBA offers you an open access route into the MBA The open access route means that you first start the Professional Certificate in Management (1 year) and then take the Professional Diploma in Management(also 1 year). After that you can move straight into the Stage II of the MBA, avoiding Stage I which is also a year long, studying the compulsory course 'Strategy' (6 months). After that you will need to complete 3 more 6 month courses from among a number of courses which we call 'electives'. You could finish the programme in 4 years where a direct access MBA with OUBS, not available to you as you do not have a university degree, would take 3 years.
Very best wishes

Tony Anthoni
Masters Programme Manager
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