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Dear Madams and Sirs,
I recently graduated from Berufsakademie Mannheim with a business degree. During my three years of study I did several internships for my company (highly recognized international company) in different departments like accounting, strategic marketing etc. In total work experience of 15 month with a lot of responsibilty. Does these internships count forward to my professional work experience?
Answer Judge Institute (Cambridge University):

Thank you for your question,

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We understand that the Germany systen is quite different. We do tend to accept internships that German students undertake, however they need to be accompanied by some full time work experience or military service. Good Luck.


Answer Cranfield School of Management:

If you were to submit an application to us in two years' time, we would probably count the 15 months as part of your professional work experience.

Maureen Williams
Senior Marketing Executive

Answer London Business School:

Any work experience gained through interenships will count as additional to the required period of post graduation experience. You will still need a minimum of 2-3 years full time experience after your graduation.

Many thanks

Answer Said Business School (Oxford University):

Thank you for your e-mail. Whilst your 15 months work experience have undoubtedly been of benefit, and would be taken into consideration, we do prefer full-time management work experience. Experience has shown us that MBA students are able to gain greater advantage from the course if they have had at least two years full-time management experience. Similarly, students with this work experience are able to make a greater contribution within the class, particularly in small group work, which is essential for the success of the two projects, the New Business Development, and Summer Business projects. Having said this, there are sometimes exceptions, particularly if a student can demonstrate considerable levels of responsibility and leadership.

We hope that this is helpful, please contact me if you have any further queries.

Best wishes
Alison Owen

Answer Ashridge Business School:

One of Ashridge's entry criteria is a minimum of five years' business experience. Internships during study can be assessed alongside other work experience and this would be discussed at interview with the Director to confirm it's relevance.

Answer Manchester Business School:

Thank you for your enquiry.
Unfortunately you would need to have gained at least two years work experience in a full time position rather than during your internship. This experience would certainly count towards your application but we would not be able to accept it as your total work experience.

Kind Regards
Kate Bradley
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