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Sure, I'd love to apply at one of the top 10 business schools - but will I survive the admission? Even if you study the hompages of the business schools quite thorough, you just get a vague impression of the chnaces you have there. Is there a way to find out about the (relistic) chances one has, other than applying?
Answer London Business School


Unfortunately, it is impossible to offer counselling to all candidates on an individual basis. The information on the web pages gives an idea of the kind of bright, ambitious leaders of the future we are looking to recruit.

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I would like to reiterate that we take candidates from a huge variety of backgrounds. Obviously we take in a lot of candidates from business - finance, accounting, consulting, entrepreneurs, general industry management etc. However we take many people from backgrounds such as the military, law, medicine, engineering, architecture, the arts...this year we have a theatre director, in the past we have had a professional show jumper and an opera singer!

David Simpson
Senior MBA Manager

Answer Warwick Business School

Dear Martin

We appreciate your concern here, and our MBA managers are always very willing to talk through the admissions process, our requirements, and your own career plans, either on the phone or by email, before the application form filling stage is reached

Each business school has its own 'flavour' and will not suit all applicants. The Warwick MBA is a broad-based generalist degree for post-experience applicants - the average age of full-time students is 29, for part-time it is 32.

And our teaching methods combine case studies, lectures and group work, computer-based learning, simulations, and business games. A central feature to the WBS learning approach is the creative interplay and sharing of ideas and experience in a lively multi-cultural group of students. So an applicant who likes to work alone and does not enjoy teamwork would not benefit by studying here

Initial discussion before the final application is therefore always useful for both the applicant and WBS!

I hope this reply is of some help for you

Regards, Diana Holton

Answer Cranfield School of Management

If you visit our web site: www.cranfield.ac.uk/som/mba and click on Application Form, you can complete a short on-line Pre-application Assessment form. We will then review your details and provide you with a preliminary estimate of your chances of being called for interview. The response will be by email - normally within 24 hours.

Maureen Williams
Senior Marketing Executive

Answer Oxford University

Dear Martin

Thank you for your query. Our entry criteria are set out below. The current class averages are:

GMAT 672
Age 29
Work experience 5-6 years

Although the above represents the class average, we do consider each application, and each component of an application, on an individual basis.
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