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As a German I'm interested in doing an MBA in the UK - but not necessarily in working in this country after my graduation. I have no doubt about the quality of the top UK MBA programmes. But I wonder whether their contacts to potential German (or Continental Europaen) employers are as good as those of their competitors such as Insead, Rotterdam School of Management or IESE. And I have got the impression that the number of their alumni in Germany is rather limited...
Answer Ashridge Business School:Ashridge has contact with a large number of continential European organisations.... clients who sponsor their employees on both our shorter, executive programmes and on our MBA. We also have an agent based in Germany. Whilst these contacts are not specifically for potential job opportunities, we do have a considerable number of MBA Alumni Members in Germany - approximately 150 - who are in regular networking contact with one another. The Ashridge MBA Alumni Association also organises events in Germany, this being the largest alumni contingent outside of the UK.

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Our European Partnership MBA Programme is run specifically for the employees of Lufthansa, Merck KGaA, Deutsche Bank and Bosch and whilst most of these candidates are German nationals, there is a small percentage from other parts of continental Europe which increases opportunities for European networking. Our open MBA Programmes, full and part time, also attracts a high proportion of candidates from continental Europe as well as other parts of the globe.Answer Cranfield School of Management:Inevitably we have better contacts in the UK than in Continental Europe. However, last year we appointed a new member of the Careers team who is tasked with developing more contacts with international companies, although most of the recruiters we work with at Cranfield are multinational companies anyway.We are also part of a group of 10 of the top European Business Schools (including Insead and RSM) who are organising an on-line MBA Career Forum on 29-30 May this year. This will take the form of a Virtual Careers Fair. Companies will be posting job opportunities, MBAs will be able to post their CVs on the site, and there will be chat rooms for discussion and careers advice.It is true that we do not have very many German alumni, partly because it is only comparatively recently that the German government has officially recognised the qualification. Currently we have 85 alumni in Germany (not just Germans), and 61 German alumni (some in Germany and others around the world).Warwick Business School

Dear Heinz

You will already have seen replies to your query from other UK business schools.

Our own comments are mirrored in much of what they have written, but I would like to invite you to contact me by email, as we have two managers who are interested in discussing the subject of the Warwick MBA and working in Germany. The first is a current full-time MBA student here, who is a German national and whose past job titles include Product Manager and Development Engineer. The second is an alumnus of the Warwick MBA, currently working near Munich.

I hope you understand why I have not published their contact details here - we need to protect them from an avalanche of emails!

Diana Holton
Asst. Comms. Manager
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