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I want beer!!!!!!!!
Answer Ashridge Business School:The Ashridge bar stocks a good selection of beers and we also have as a fine wine cellar. Ashridge is renowned for it's fine food and has won national awards.

Answer Warwick Business School:

Dear Beer Drinker

Thank you for your interest in our social facilities, if not in our MBA (though of course the two are by no means mutually exclusive).

At Warwick Business School, the University campus provides 17 different venues for eating and drinking, varying from silver service restaurants, to take-away fast food outlets. Only 5 of these venues are not licenced (do not provide alcoholic drinks).

There is also a supermarket which includes a large number of shelves of all kinds of alcoholic drinks, including an international selection of beers and lagers.

Yours sincerely
Diana Holton

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