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Loic Le Meur

Founder and CEO
Issy les Moulineaux, France
Loic Le Meur
Founder and CEO
Issy les Moulineaux
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1. What does it mean to you to have been selected as a "Global Leader for Tomorrow"?

For me it means a rare opportunity to meet with people of very high influence from the entire world. I will use this role to have a better understanding of the current world from a very broad view. I will do my best to use this opportunity to the maximum extent possible. I am a young entrepreneur in France and when I look at the list of participants, I cannot help to ask myself "How can I be invited in such an event ?" as I really feel humble compared to the role and influence these people have. I see it as a challenge for me.

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2. You have been selected by the World Economic Forum for what you have already done in your life, "holding positions of considerable power, influence and responsability". What are the 3-5 things you are most proud of?

What I am the most proud of? As you do not specifically mean business only in your question, the first thing will be my three sons! Well, my philosophy is to always try to do better, more, further, faster. Having created already 3 companies with very few capital at start and created 300 jobs in France just after graduating from HEC Business School is certainly a source of satisfaction for me

I have felt very early in 95 that something was happening with the Internet and helped large and small companies adopt it through two companies I launched, one of the first web agencies in France and the leader in small business web hosting, both launched before all that was fashionable. The current global and also new technology crisis does not change the fact that we will not work and live the same anymore with email and the web. It is only a start.

One very impressive moment for me was when I was selected at the 1999 Internation Cannes Festival for Advertising Cyber Jury President. Presenting the results of an international jury that analyzed about 1000 of the best websites and advertising campaigns worldwide to 3000 people in Cannes was a great experience. But the most important for me is to always try to create something new and grow it.

3. The World Economic Forum is "committed to improving improve the state of the world". You will participate in shaping tomorrow's world. What impact would you like to have?

I have launched three French businesses. My next challenge is clearly international so participating in the WEF is a great opportunity. I think unemployment can be dramatically reduced by pushing more and more people create and grow small businesses, not only in high tech of course. If I could help in any way that more and more entrepreneurs create wealth and jobs, I would be happy.

4. The World Economic Forum is also a forum to discuss the present state of the world economy. What is the analysis you would give?

The current crisis is very deep and I think worse than what we read in the newspapers. I do not share the optimistic view that this recession will end in 2002. I think this year will remain in this pessimistic environment. I think there are good opportunities as well in such a tough economic situation as everything is slowed down. It is a challenge for all entrepreneurs to scale down their companies and look at acquisitions if they can.

Loic Le Meur
Founder and CEO
Issy les Moulineaux, France

Nationality: France

Born: 1973

Professional Profile: Tekora aims at beginning the leading provider of industrialized e-business solutions focusing on SMBs. First VC round of financing in process. Services include industrialized web design, media, promotion, management, Intranet, etc

Personal Profile: Graduated in 1996 at HEC,.
Created two start ups: B2L -first french web agencies-today leader on the market of the Internet.
Also launched Rapidsite France - sold recently at France Telecom. He founded the company Tekora (a platform Internet Business to Business) and takes an active part in the creation of Internet companies.
Citizen of the first hour of the continent Internet, Cofounder of the company WineandCo (www.wineandco.com), which has just raised 100 million francs at Europ@Web. Member of many boards such as Ski-horizon (www.skihorizon.com), Magic-Emilie (www.magique-emilie.com), Immostreet (www.immostreet.com).
In Jan 2001 launched Tekora-to revolutionize the web site design profession and facilitate company access to ebusiness by lowering prod costs.
Chairperson of Bureau Veritas QI-a committee that certifies quality of service offered by Web sites.
Was a President of Jury 99 of Cannes Lions and member of Jury 2000 of the CLIO Awards.
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