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Kirsten Schulze

Lecturer in International History
London, UK
Kirsten Schulze
Lecturer in Int. History
London, UK
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1. What does it mean to you to have been selected as a "Global Leader for Tomorrow"?

I am honoured to have been selected and would like to use this new role to strengthen my work on conflict resolution.

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2. You have been selected by the World Economic Forum for what you have already done in your life, "holding positions of considerable power, influence and responsability". What are the 3-5 things you are most proud of?

First, the books I have written: 'Israel's Covert Diplomacy in Lebanon' (1998), 'The Arab-Israeli Conflict' (1999), 'The Jews of Lebanon: Between Coexistence and Conflict'(2001) and the book I'm currently co-authoring 'Tolerance on Trial: Democratisation and Conflict in Indonesia' as well as my articles on conflict and conflict resolution in Northern Ireland, the Middle East and Indonesia.

Second, the fact that I have not only been able to feed my research into my teaching - making it more 'cutting-edge' and interesting for the students - but that it also has found practical application in the field of conflict resolution. It has allowed me to play a minor supporting role in the Northern Ireland Peace Process in 1997-1998, on the Israeli-Syrian track of the Middle East Peace Process in 1999-2001, and the on-going process of transition to democracy in Indonesia, particularly with respect to security sector reform.

3. The World Economic Forum is "committed to improving improve the state of the world". You will participate in shaping tomorrow's world. What impact would you like to have?

I would like to increase my practical work in the field of conflict resolution.

4. The World Economic Forum is also a forum to discuss the present state of the world economy. What is the analysis you would give?

I will leave that to the economists!

Kirsten Schulze
Lecturer in International History
London, UK

Nationality: Germany

Born: 1967

Personal Profile: Erich Kastner Gymnasium, Laatzen Germany: Abitur; 1989
University of maine Orono USA political science; 1989-1990
Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel: Hebrew, Arabic and Middle Eastern studies; 1992-1994
Oxford Universty St Antony's College UK; 1994
Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland; 1995
Lecturer A in international History; 1998
Lecturer B in international History; 1999
Major review and tenure granted. PHd.
Extensive teaching experience on Middle Eastern conflict and issues.
External adviser or consultacy work to the British Embassy Jakarta on security sector reform in Indonesia 2001, to the Foreign and commonwealth Office on public diplomacy and the Israeli syrian track of the Middle east peace process 1999
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