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Humberto Luis Ribeiro

ComTACT Comércio Eletrônico Ltda
Humberto Luis Ribeiro
ComTACT Comércio
Eletrônico Ltda
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1. What does it mean to you to have been selected as a "Global Leader for Tomorrow"?

I consider it both a responsibility and an opportunity. Being from a developing country with one of the most important environmental resources of our World and which represents almost 50% of Latin America's GDP, my participation as GLT will be a great opportunity to discuss and interact on ways to enforce the sustainable development, education and equity for the Brazilians, while accelerating the integration of this region to the global economy

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2. You have been selected by the World Economic Forum for what you have already done in your life, "holding positions of considerable power, influence and responsability". What are the 3-5 things you are most proud of?

I am the founder and CEO of SuperObra.com (www.superobra.com), biggest e-commerce B2B for Construction in Brazil. This is the result of the agglutination of a specially talented young individuals team from Brasilia on a very entrepreneurial & market-driven strategy to build and expand this company

I was the first president of the Young Businessmen Club of Brasilia, which aggregates entrepreneurs since 98 on issues and actions such as Executive Education, Social Responsibility, Innovation and Sustainable Development. The national expansion of this institution in Brazil resulted in our CONAJE, National Confederation of Young Businessmen, which I am currently the vice-president representing over 7000 members

I am so proud of the family I am constructing with my wife. Together we have been able to support each other on the pursuit of many dreams, some of them fully accomplished, like studying in the best graduate schools we knew, and having a gorgeous baby daughter to bring happiness to our lives

3. The World Economic Forum is "committed to improving improve the state of the world". You will participate in shaping tomorrow's world. What impact would you like to have?

When you get to integrate such a distinct group as the WEForum, the echoes for your voice become stronger. I would like to use this power and other skills in order to help the world succeed in the challenge of "peaceful global integration", while managing to bring education, health and sustainable development to every corner of this planet

4. The World Economic Forum is also a forum to discuss the present state of the world economy. What is the analysis you would give?

Misunderstanding is our declared enemy since September 11, 2001. If we had taken care of the lack of education and information present in many countries, maybe history would be written in a different way, where space for tirany, radicalism and egos would be much smaller. Our urgent duty is to offer opportunities and access to individuals all over the world regardless of religion, color, culture or false leaders beliefs. Let's do it together

Humberto Luis Ribeiro
ComTACT Comércio Eletrônico Ltda

Nationality: Brazil

Professional Profile: 4/1999-actual ComTACT Comércio Eletrônico Ltda. (Brasília - DF) CEO .
First eCommerce company established in Brasília;
Today has one of the best supply-chain management & B2B eCommerce platforms in Latin America, with customers like Procter&Gamble, Coca Cola, Gazeta Mercantil and others;
Created SuperObra.com (www.superobra.com), ComputerWorld & Industry Standard 2001 B2B Biggest in Brazil award winner for "Construction"

Personal Profile:

07/2000-08/2000 The WHARTON School (UPENN) PA - EUA
. eBusiness: Models and Applications for eCommerce
06/1999-06/1999 INSEAD Fontainebleau - France
. Competing in the Information Age
01/1999-01/1999 MIT - Massachussets Institute of Technology MA-EUA
. Using IT for Competitive Advantage in Supply Chain Management
01/1990-12/1995 Universidade de Brasília Brasília-DF
. Bachelor in Civil Engineering (Considered the best engineering school in Brasil by the Education Ministry in 98 and 99).

03/2001-actual Confederação Nacional dos Jovens Empresários (Fortaleza - CE) Vice-President (founder)
Coordinated the biggest National Congress for Young Businessmen ever in Brazil, with 1.150 participants in over 30 sessions;
04/1998-06/2000 Clube dos Jovens Empresários do DF (Brasília - DF)
President (founder)
Established the first Young Business Leaders association in Brasília, aggregating over 300 members.
Conducted all actions for education, representation, integration and information of the institution towards business development in the region.
03/1997-03/1999 IEL - Confederação Nacional da Indústria (Brasília - DF)

Member of the National Leaders Forum in 1999 e 2000 - selection conducted by Gazeta Mercantil Newspaper - 10 young business leaders selected yearly.
Member of the Exports and New Economy Comission of the Federal District Industry Federation - FIBRA (1998-2002)
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