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Catherine Freeman

Olympic game Gold medal winner
South Melbourne, Australia
Catherine Freeman
Olympic game Gold medal winner
South Melbourne, Australia
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1) What does it mean to me to have been selected as a 'global leader of tomorrow?

a) To be selected as 'global leader of tomorrow' by the world economic forum empowers my personal self-esteem and also enhances the identity of all indigenous and non-indigenous australians.

2) I have been selected by the world economic forum for what I have aready done in my life, 'holding positions of considerable power, influence and responsibility.' What are the 3-5 things I am most proud of?

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I am most proud of the fact that I have never compromised my own true identity, in the fact that I have remained true to who it is that I really am, and have never forgotten where it is that I do come from.

I am proud of my willingness to make the most of who I am, and of what I have throughout life's journey.

My work ethic is strong and wastage of time belonging to others as well as my own is what makes me proud as well.

3) The world economic forum is 'committed to improving the state of the world.' I will participate in shaping tomorrow's world. What impact would I like to have? what are my plans for the future?

I take very seriously the impact I have on children. I am a role model and having the opportunity of changing the course of one life absolutely makes life so precious.
I plan to be a professional track and field athlete at least until 2008. After that, television or film producing is an area I have great interest in.

4) The world economic forum is also a forum to discuss the present state of the world economy. What is the analysis I would give?

I am concerned with the suffering of so many poverty-stricken people in our world today when collective energies are directed elsewhere towards human invention and power for wrongful gain.

Catherine Freeman
Olympic game Gold medal winner (sprinter)
South Melbourne, Australia

Nationality: Australia

Born: 1973

Personal Profile: At 16 years of age, Freeman won gold at the Commonwealth Games as part of the 4 x 100m relay team. In 1990 she was awarded Young Australian of the Year, and Aboriginal Athlete of the Year in 1991. In 1992, Freeman became the first Aboriginal track and field athlete to represent Australia at an Olympic Games. She became one of Australia's best known figures with double gold at the Commonwealth Games in 1994 in the 200m and 400m. Became the first Australian women to run under 50 seconds for 400m in Melbourne in 1996. At the '96 Olympic Games, she became the sixth fastest women ever over 400m, running a Commonwealth record and winning the silver medal behind Marie-Jose Perec in arguably the greatest one lap race of all time.

Catherine Freeman, Order of Australia Medal, is one of Australia's most admired and respected athletes. Catherine has not been an overnight success. She has achieved her goals through hard work, commitment and natural talent becoming a world-class athlete and winning the ultimate prize in any sport - an Olympic gold medal. As one of Australia's most popular personalities, Catherine is recognised for her modesty, free spirit and passion for her family and country. Catherine is passionate about aboriginal culture and strives to assist and support indigenous causes wherever possible. As part of her committment to caring, Catherine has agreed to take part in the World AIDS Campaign 2001

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