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Bewerbung für das ISC-Symposium

Apply for the 32nd ISC-Symposium by following these steps:

1. Download the application form from www.isc-symposium.org (Rich Text Format or Postscript Document File);

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2. Print it and complete with your personal data;

3. E-Mail:
Please send us your contribution before February 15, 2002, together with this application form and a passport-size photograph to ISC@isc-symposium.org. To verify that your contribution is legally valid please send us by mail

  • an attestation confirming enrollment in February 2002
  • a signed letter of confirmation that your contribution is your own work.

Please send this application form together with
  • two copies of your contribution
  • one passport-size photograph
  • an attestation confirming enrollment in February 2002
  • a 3.5" high density disk containing the whole essay (no manual hyphenation)
  • a signed letter of confirmation that your contribution is your own work. before February 15, 2002, (date of postmark) to the following address:

P.O. Box 1045
CH-9001 St. Gallen

Deadline for applying is February 15, 2002 (date of postmark)

Applicants' qualifications
Undergraduate and postgraduate students in all fields of study enrolled at regular universities throughout the world, born in 1972 or after.

We ask you to contribute your visions and entreprenerial ideas.
Your contribution can be an essay, a scenario, a project report or proposal, a multimedia presentation, an entrepreneurial concept or any other form of professional work, which you would like to present to the audience of the 31st ISC-Symposium. It should be constructive, provocative or instructive, inspiring thoughts and actions and introducing a new approach or unconventional ideas. It has to be the original work of the author.

5 to 7 pages, max. 2100 words (excl. bibl.) No name on the front page or any subsequent page. Accompanied by a 3.5'' high density disk containing the whole essay (no manual hyphenation).

The disk label should contain your name, operating system (MS Windows or MacOS) and the application used.

VHS max. 15 minutes, label shall contain your name.

English, German or French

February 15, 2002 (date of postmark)

Please submit 2 copies of your contribution, accompanied by the attached application form, proof of current enrollment, a 3.5'' high density disk containing the whole essay (no manual hyphenation), and 1 passport-size photograph. The material will not be returned and may be used for ISC publication and/or included in the ISC website.

Sample Essays
You find last year's winner essay of the ISC Wings of Excellence Award in our Archive under the menu point Symposium and Past Symposium.

Selection process:
All contributions will be evaluated by a panel of professors, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and journalists. The jury will be presided over by Professor Gilbert J. B. Probst, Director MBA, University of Geneva, in cooperation with Bertelsmann AG and Swiss Reinsurance Company. The contributions will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

1. Creativity and originality of thought
2. Structured, professional presentation
3. Inspiration, implication

The jury's decision, to be announced in spring 2002, will be final. Each participant will be informed on the result by E-Mail. There will be no correspondence concerning the result of the competition.

The authors of the 250 best entries will be granted free participation in the Symposium. Whenever possible, accommodation will be arranged with students from the University of St. Gallen. A large part of travel expenses will be borne by the ISC.

Outstanding entries will be presented during the Symposium. The winners will be awarded prizes of a value totalling USD 15 000.-
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